Update – The May 8th Memorial

Thank you to all who showed an interest in this initiative, as well as those who donated to the cause.

Below you will find photos of the May 8th memorial, as well as the link to a video showing portions of the ceremony held as part of the Honor 307 tribute.

The entire experience was incredibly moving. Walking the cemetery back and forth, I was reminded of the immense cost of war. In talking to people about this project, people from various backgrounds and multiple countries, I have learned that paying homage to those that made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom is universally powerful. Language and borders prove to be no barrier to reflection.

After placing each bouquet, I had a ceremony at the foot of the cemetery’s memorial statue, in honor of the Honor 307 project and the cemetery’s unknown soldiers. As the crowd began to grow and more and more people stopped to listen, I truly recognized the importance of what I was doing, and I was proud of what I had achieved.

Below are some images from the May 8th memorial, as well as the link to a video containing portions of the ceremony. There are also a handful of French news articles written about the project, which can be found by searching “Rose Kohler ABMC” on Google.

If you are visiting this site after May 8th but are still interested in contributing, or know somebody who would be interested, please do not hesitate. The overwhelming support I have received for this effort has prompted me to consider repeating the initiative again next year, or in the future. The task of honoring America’s unknown soldiers is large, and ongoing.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments at honor307normandy@gmail.com



Ceremony Video: https://youtu.be/sNzavcFkzWU

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