The Goal

The Normandy American Cemetery is run by the American Battle Monuments Commission, which oversees many of the American cemeteries and war memorials around the world. With help from the ABMC, the cemetery staff, and local florists, I intend to place a flower and flag memorial at each of the 307 unknown graves in the spring of 2019, to recognize every soldier buried underneath. 

The flower memorials will be purchased with funds donated through this site and through community outreach. My goal is to raise enough money to create a fitting tribute, so I am hoping to reach $6,000. The Superintendent of the cemetery has graciously offered to have cemetery staff place the flowers at no cost, so all contributions can be put towards designing, assembling, and delivering the bouquets, as well as any additional cost to promote the endeavor. 

It is my hope that through the promotion of my project and the tribute itself, I can raise awareness for our unknown soldiers, who, along with their lives, also gave their identities. I also hope my message will be carried beyond just the Normandy American Cemetery, and that the next time you find yourself among the graves of soldiers, you take a moment to stop at one without a name and honor their sacrifice as well.

To donate to the Honor 307 project, please see the Donate tab.

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